Shlok is India's winner of Google Doodle

Written By

Ashish Pokhriyal

The winner of the 2022 Doodle for Google competition in India is Shlok Mukherjee from Kolkata, West Bengal!

Shlok doodles his hope for India’s scientific advancements to take center stage.

Shlok Mukherjee's doodle based on the contest’s theme - "In the next 25 years, my India will…,” 

Will be displayed on the search engine throughout the day.

Shlok’s Doodle titled "India on the center stage"

He explains his doodle, “In the next 25 years, 

My India will have scientists develop their own eco-friendly robot for humanity’s betterment.

Over 5 lakh public votes helped determine the results in which four group winners were also declared in addition to a national winner.