Indigenous North American Stickball


By: ashish pokhriyal

Indigenous North American stickball is considered to be one of the oldest team sports in North America.

Stickball and lacrosse are similar to one another.

The game of lacrosse is a tradition belonging to tribes of the Northern United States.

The game was played by two teams with an equal number of men.

The object was to get a tiny, walnut-sized, leather-covered ball through a goal using sticks shaped.

The Cherokees were among the first to play consistently on a field about 100 yards in length.

There was no time limit and the first team to score 12 times won.

Any strategy to score was acceptable, including biting, choking, and even banging each other on the head with the rackets.

There were no time-outs or substitutions, but if a player was knocked out his opponent had to leave the game also.