Apple Watch Series 8 Review

Apple Watch

By: ashish pokhriyal

Apple Watch Series 8 retains the design of its Predecessor

Curved chassis, thin display bezels, a large Always-On retina display, and a tough crack-resistant front crystal.

It’s also IPX6-Rated Water Resistant.

Battery life is 18 Hours with regular use.

The biggest upgrade in the new Series 8 is a pair of in-built Temperature Sensors.

Apple Watch 8 can Detect a Crash and dial emergency services should the user be unresponsive for 10 seconds.

Apple Watch Series 8 is powered by the Watch OS9

$379-$749 USD

Apple Watch Series 8



Sleek, Comfortable Design

Temperature Sensors

Fast Charge Speeds

Battery Life Could Use Improvements

Car Crash Detection

Almost Identical to the Series 7

Apple Watch Series 8 comes in Aluminum and Stainless steel cases in two sizes, 41mm and 45mm.